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The Give Back Life does not sell anything on this page, it a page for YOUR products. You must handle all customer service/shipping for you products as customers will be sent directly to you. Please provide one image of your products or a screenshot of products and a link DIRECTLY to your products so that when a customer clicks on the promoted image they are taken directly to it. We check all links and will refuse your application if misleading or spam links are provided.

All products are eligible for the affiliate page with the exception of:

  • Drugs/Weight Loss Supplements not cleared by the FDA as safe for human consumption. 

  • Alcohol/Recreational Drugs of any kind

  • Nudity/Sexual or Adult themed items

  • Clothing and Apparel (conflict of interest with main site)

  • Children's books (conflict of interest with main site)

  • Work from Home jobs that require a signup fee. You are not restricted from selling your MLM/Direct Sale products on this page but we will not advertise any signups, only physical goods. Please conduct the sign-up promotion from your own page once customers reach out to you.

All products must be approved before advertising spots can be purchased. We reserve the right to decline applications of goods we feel do not represent a family-friendly atmosphere within this page.

​Below is a table of advertising packages:

All fees are recurring fees, until canceled. Once canceled product will be removed. You may at any time rotate out an image and link once a month without purchasing a new slot. There are no refunds of fees.


 Name of package Number of items advertised Monthly Price
Starter 2 $5
Sales Maker 8 $12
Semi Pro 15 $21
Pro 25 $35


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